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Seller Rules For Reservation and Sale
Digital Contract

TAX, NO-TAX , Do I have to pay taxes on proceeds from my garage sale and moving sale ?

Sold goods aren't taxable as income if you are selling a used personal item for less than the original value. If you flip it or sell it for more than the original cost, you have to pay taxes on the surplus as capital gains.

Price Tag Rule

The white label has a sales tax tag, and if it is purchased and used at a lower price than the original price after purchase, such as a garage sale or a moving sale, label the No-Tax label in a color that the seller wants instead of white, indicating the item name and price.

Resale Product Tax

Sales tax must be added when purchasing and selling products from resellers or for sale.

Sale Agency Settlement

Garage and moving sales are based on the sale of the goods by the owner. However, after you have rented the space, you can apply to sell it for you. In this case, you must submit a list of items and a price list. It will be settled by the company's employees after the sale. You must pay 3% of cash sales and 5% of credit card in the name of commission. The company pays the difference after deducting the fee.

Space Rental Cancel/Credit

Booth reservations can be made with cash or card, and must be reserved through the program. Reservation cannot be canceled after payment has been confirmed (since we have already reserved a seat), and you can change the date and receive credit.

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